It can be really challenging for us to reach out for help and support. Amy is passionate about Bodymindco challenging some of the preconceptions about therapy, tapping into creativity and thinking outside of the box, focussing on human connection, how to feel safe in showing up in the world and just being seen as a real person not  a scary 'counsellor'. 

Ever struggle to find the words to describe feelings or emotions? Feel confronted or uncomfortable in expressing feelings or emotions by just talking it through?

Amy supports people from all walks of life meeting in green spaces to practice yoga, mindfulness and have a chat about what you are working through.

Most importantly meeting people where they are at.


Bodymindco aims to support people of all ages through

  • Pre-schools; working through developmental milestones and preparing for and transitioning to school
  • Children; moving through primary school ages into puberty or through other challenges that life brings 
  • Tweens & Teenagers; Moving through physical, mental and emotional changes, puberty and other challenging life events e.g HSC,
  • Young People; Moving on from high-school and into the world
  • Adults; working through transitional periods such as into parenthood or those wanting to find greater meaning in their lives
  • Providing Trauma informed Practices


Bodymindco offers group and private yoga sessions, counselling, health and wellness support that is designed specifically for the individual. Amy combines her skills and knowledge of yoga, counselling and teaching to tap into the needs of a class or the individual on any given day. Amy views the body as a storehouse of emotions, feelings and memories and feels that yoga and mindfulness are excellent tools to help us express bound up memories and emotions.


Hello and welcome to bodymindco, counselling & yoga. My name is Amy Layton, I am a qualified counsellor, school and yoga teacher. I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

I feel very passionate about supporting individual's emotional & mental health by nurturing & nourishing the body through yoga, mindfulness and therapeutic practices. The way in which I work, focuses on blending skills and knowledge from east and west to support men and women to shine from the inside out, connected with the true self and live a life of balance.